Traffic Management

Prosek Traffic Control caters for all your traffic management requirements, providing well-trained and experienced Traffic controllers to a wide variety of industry sectors.

Whether as front-line personnel who must be approachable to members of the public or controlling the movement of vehicles on a busy construction site, all of Prosek's traffic controllers have the confidence and ability to put safety first in every situation.

Customers have relied on Prosek’s service for years, and our commitment means we cover all elements of traffic management, including:

  • Prioritisation of safety for pedestrians and drivers above all else
  • Devising and implementation of traffic management plans
  • Identification of potential hazards and disruptions to traffic flow
  • Ensuring traffic flows smoothly and efficiently in all situations
  • Understanding of signalling, traffic monitoring and control
  • Ensuring signs and devices are adequately positioned and visible to traffic
  • Adherence to necessary site and equipment safety requirements
  • Efficient and comprehensive closing down of traffic management systems
  • Reporting of any incidents to necessary stakeholders

Prosek is a trusted name for many major construction and civil construction companies when it comes to traffic control services on site, with each of our Traffic controllers undergoing comprehensive training.

No matter the situation you require a traffic management solution for, the team at Prosek can be trusted to meet your requirements with a focus on efficiency and safety. Get in touch with us today to discuss your traffic management needs.