Mobile Patrols

Prosek Security mobile patrols are a highly effective, reliable and affordable way to keep your business and assets safe.

As a shared service, our mobile patrols provide a highly effective security solution without the cost of a full-time security guard being on site to provide regular monitoring and on-call personnel to protect businesses.

Our Mobile Patrols are designed to provide you with a highly visibility deterrent to criminal activity not only to your property or facility, but to provide a piece of mind that we are there when you need us.

All patrol vehicles are equipped with state of the art technology in mobile communications, navigation and GPS tracking to ensure we are ready for any situation. Our highly trained Security Officers perform regular checks of your sites to ensure your business is fully secure and protected.

Our mobile patrol fleets are responsive, reliable and are suitable for:

  • Staff escorts and after hours welfare checks
  • Assistance in emergency situations
  • Carrying out plant and equipment checks
  • Physical presence and visible deterrence
  • Checking for signs of criminal activity
  • Checking for trespassers
  • Identifying unauthorised vehicles
  • Opening and closing of premises

Prosek Security is committed to providing you with the best possible security arrangement to give you peace of mind. Why not get in touch with us today?

Electronic Reporting

In order for Prosek Security to supply our clients with information of any issues that our guards have identified while at your site, we utilise a clouded base Reporting System.

For reporting we utilise a handheld reporting tool. It captures pictures, voice, and text anytime anywhere and reporting on the move only takes minutes. It automatically places report details, including photos and text into a customisable form ready to email, print or export to integrate with other systems.

Real time data and reporting ensure service issues are identified and responded in a timely fashion. Reports accompanied with pictures that illustrate damaged or vandalised areas give greater information to building and precinct owners and managers.

OH&S compliance can be demonstrated with reports that are time-date stamped and locked for integrity. Precise compliance becomes an easy and everyday activity. Incident reports immediately and accurately capture what has happened, this ensures verifiable audit trails.

Guard Verification System

Prosek Security utilises a guard verification system on all serviced sites, whether alarm responses, patrolled or manned by static guards. This system ensures duties and attendance to all facilities is conducted correctly and at the required frequency, by way of an electronic date and time stamped report which is emailed directly to you each day. The guard verification system has two distinct advantages:  

  • Complete capability to track the movements of all personnel as part of an automated system that verifies location and time
  • Capacity to verify the site patrols have been completed according to scope of works and budget

The system delivers complete peace of mind for our clients and our organisation in the coordination and delivery of security services.  The unique checkpoints generates automated reports leading to complete transparency and accountability.  Additional benefits to this system include the capacity to:

  • Verify that guards have visited highlighted areas of concern;
  • Further refine mobile patrols based on timeframes and movement of guards;
  • Create reports that allow businesses to measure the performance of our company; and
  • Review records in the event of an incident to assess the movement of guards and more accurately identify timeframes when an offence may have occurred.

To learn more about the reporting system that Prosek Security uses, please watch our 2 minute video that demonstrate how our system works.