Crowd Control Management

For crowd control management, Prosek Security is your go to. We cater for everything up to large-scale events requiring effective crowd control.

We offer expert advice during the event planning stage to identify what is required to ensure the public's safety and an enjoyable and positive outcome for all. This involves conducting a comprehensive risk assessment and developing a complete security solution tailored to your needs.

Prosek Security provides the following crowd control services in and around QLD & NSW:

  • Risk assessment
  • Maintain venue safety and security
  • Maintain guest and staff security
  • Monitor security system and surveillance cameras
  • Patrol common areas
  • Key control measures

The importance of customer service

With over 200 well-trained security officers who work for event clients, Prosek's mission is to protect the name, brand and integrity of each client by offering a world-class security service that maintains the safety of staff, patrons and property.

While our main priority is security, they are also equipped to deliver a high level of customer service to guests. This involves being fully briefed on event and venue details so they can respond to questions and concerns accurately and in a prompt manner.

For effective crowd control management that delivers high level safety and security, please call Prosek and speak to one of our senior management team about a fully comprehensive risk assessment.