Concierge & Customer Service

Our concierge service provides clients with professional customer service focused staff and the reassurance of having highly trained security staff on site.

As leaders in our field, we recognise that some clients require a discreet security presence alongside the confidence of knowing that their business and staff are protected by highly trained security personnel. With years of experience, our service provides this.

With our staff on-site, our clients are secure in the knowledge that their customers are receiving an excellent level of service, attention and engagement which fits your specific business needs. Your business will be constantly monitored, without the imposing presence of uniformed guards.

We invest a lot time and effort into providing the highest possible quality of training for our concierge staff, allowing them to deal with a range of roles. With a professional attitude and a welcoming face, our concierges will give your customers a fantastic experience throughout their visit.

Prosek’s concierge service offers your business the following services:

  • Greet customers and guests
  • Oversee visitor parking
  • Maintain the safety and security of the building
  • Respond to fire and other emergency alarms
  • Answer and redirect phone calls
  • Monitor the security system and surveillance cameras
  • Patrol common areas
  • Key control
  • Internal theft prevention

Get in touch with us with us today to find out how Prosek can fulfil your concierge needs.