Finance & Banking

Finance institutions and banks offer a very diverse range of services to customers throughout Australia and play a crucial role in the country’s economy.

Each area of banking and financial organisations provides an array of unique safeguarding hurdles, and having reliable arrangements in place ensure that that infrastructure and assets are protected.

Prosek Security guards will protect your assets

Prosek Security can tailor a comprehensive solution and provide a trained security force to keep financial assets safe and secure. Prosek guards offer core security services that include a visible presence to deter threats, and so much more.

Security to protect the financial sector

Prosek recognises the importance of providing a comprehensive and tailored security package.

As part of our service, we will conduct a thorough security risk assessment of institutions and develop a strategy that addresses its unique situation in the most efficient, cost-effective way. Whether this involves providing officers, armed guards, mobile patrols, alarm monitoring and response - or any other security measure - we can provide the solution.

To safeguard assets, banks and financial institutions need to take the following into account:

  • Provide access to contractors
  • Maintain and patrol common areas
  • Incident reporting
  • Risk assessment
  • Delivery supervision
  • Alarm monitoring and response
  • Maintain building safety and security
  • Monitor security system and CCTV surveillance cameras
  • Key control
  • Internal theft prevention