A unique solution for every campus' security needs.

Each school or university will have its own security issues depending on its students and environment. Prosek will work with you to identify the services your campus requires, and build a comprehensive security management plan that is tailored to those needs. We recognise the balance needed to provide students and staff with a welcoming, safe workplace while identifying and resolving potential threats as soon as they arise.

We also understand that budget limitations can be an issue for universities and schools, so we offer varying combinations of support to meet your needs within those constraints. The ongoing safety of your students and staff is important for their peace of mind, and has long-term financial benefits for your institution.

Prosek Security meets the challenges of campus security management in a way that is discreet and effective. Effective campus security needs to take the following tasks into account:

  • Creating a welcoming environment for students and visitors
  • Respecting the diverse cultures and needs of students
  • Addressing harassment and discrimination within the student body
  • Encouraging genuine visitors while deterring criminal behaviour
  • Maintaining a vigilant watch without dominating the environment
  • Managing student behaviour, such as drug and alcohol abuse, that may put themselves or others in danger

To learn more about how we can help improve systems to achieve a safe and secure learning environment for your students and staff, please contact us today.