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Cash-in-Transit: A Simple Definition


How do you transport the hard-earned cash from your business to your bank or to any other location? How about other valuable items like jewellery, or your high-ticket inventory items?

Cash-in-Transit (CIT) remains to be the safest and most efficient way to do these things. It has been a crucial element in maintaining the cash flow of several companies who still rely on the physical transfer of their currencies. But what does the service entail exactly?


Definition: What is CIT all about?

CIT is when professional highly-trained security personnel transport cash or valuable items (e.g. jewelry, gold bullion, etc.) using vehicles or on foot from a collection point to a delivery point. It is meant to ensure that the valuables are transported safely, save businesses time and money in having to deliver their cash and valuables themselves, and protect their customers and staff.


Who benefits from this service?

Although many businesses have migrated into cashless transactions and online money transfers, there are still industries that need to move their monies physically. Such industries include banks, supermarkets, hotels, petrol stations, and restaurant to name a few.


What services can you expect when you avail of CIT?

Risk Assessment

The security team is able to conduct their own assessment to pinpoint potential risks that they may encounter such us armed hold-ups, attacks, exposure to harsh environmental elements, and possible injuries. They also consider other factors such as business hours, traffic conditions, the efficiency of communication systems, suitability of the type of vehicle and tools to use, etc. in making decisions on how to execute the transport.


Secure Collection and Delivery

Security officers handle the collection and delivery of money and other valuable items. They are in constant communication with a manager or whoever is in charge with regards to their progress. Changes or issues encountered along the way are reported immediately. The security officers are trained to protect the company’s properties against different kinds of threat.


Discreet or High-Visibility

Depending on the situation CIT security officers are able to adjust their level of visibility. Vehicles to be used can be marked or unmarked, while the security officers can either wear plain clothes or their security uniforms.


Specialized Skills

These security personnel are highly capable of more than responding to security threats during the delivery process. These officers are also able to administer first aid, handle bomb threats and perform other first responder tasks where necessary.


Carrying Out Safe Work Procedures

CIT officers are trained to follow general safety protocols when carrying out their tasks such as health and safety considerations, proper task delegation, identifying suspicious behaviour, and guidelines on how to respond to security-related incidents.


Reports and Documentation

The entire process from collection to delivery is properly documented and consolidated in a report that will be submitted to the client’s office.



CIT services also cover the insurance of your company properties in case they get stolen or destroyed for whatever reason. This will provide you with the peace of mind regardless of the circumstances.


What innovations have CIT acquired over the years?

GPS tracking and Alarm Systems

CIT vehicles can now be tracked using GPS technology. They can also have alarm systems that can easily be activated during emergency situations.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Security officers may take with them mobile communication equipment, portable duress alarms, firearms and wear protective body armour or reflective clothing as tools for protection during their task.



Cash-in-Transit is a reliable security service that you can avail of to ensure the safe transportation of your business assets. It saves you all the trouble of arranging all the logistics required for the transfer by handing over this responsibility to people who have years of specialized training and hands-on experience on this job. It also will give you peace of mind knowing that your cash and valuables are in safe hands.

Prosek Security has years of unparalleled track record when it comes to CIT services. Our highly-skilled security officers trained in both risk management and customer service coupled with state-of-the-art communications and tracking technology put us at the top of mind of several businesses in the region. Get in touch with us to know how we can help you secure your prized company assets and contribute to your business’s growth.