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9 Roles of Security Officers That Your Business Can Benefit From


When asked, “What does a security officer do?” you’ll probably be able to answer easily. Being a guest in different business establishments, you may have been helped by a security officer before and had the chance to observe the work they do up close.

As a business owner or manager, you’d want to know more about the roles security officers can possibly have especially when you’re considering hiring security officers for your own establishment. Will they be good investments? What exactly can they do to help protect your business?


We have listed out some of the most common roles security officers have when deployed in business establishments so you’ll have an idea what they are capable of doing and how you can maximize your investment in their services.


Help in Developing Your Security Plan

Security officers provide valuable inputs when drafting a security plan. They conduct risk and vulnerability assessments to make sure all possible threats, weaknesses, and history of criminal activities are considered and incorporated in the plan.


Act as Visual Crime Deterrents

The presence of uniformed security officers is effective in driving away trespassers, thieves, and other lawbreakers. Sometimes, they wear casual clothes to provide covert security and apprehend criminals without alerting them.


Control Access to Certain Areas of Your Establishment

Screening the people who will be let inside your building is one of the most common roles security officers have. They check the identification of the people trying to enter your premises, may it be your employees, visitors or third-party contractors, by asking for ID cards and other proof. They familiarize themselves with the restricted areas of your establishment and the people who are allowed access to these facilities to distinguish and drive away intruders and trespassers.


Provide Assistance to Your Customers and Employees

Security officers sometimes take on customer service roles like giving directions and answering queries. Most of the time, they are the first ones people see as they enter your establishment and they give the guests a warm welcome. They also assist people who are having a hard time moving from one point to another like senior citizens or injured persons.


Train/Orient Your Staff About Security Protocols

Security professionals are the best people to educate your staff about the importance of security protocols and what actions they have to take when confronted with a particular security situation. Having gone through extensive training and various real-life security scenarios, they are able to share tips and lessons based on their own experiences.


Monitor the Overall Security Situation within Your Premises

They monitor the activities in different areas of your business establishment with the use of video surveillance equipment. They also do manual patrols of the areas on-foot or with a vehicle. As they conduct their patrols, they inspect different parts of your buildings and equipment for damages or malfunction. People in the vicinity are observed for suspicious behaviour. Their training enables them to properly interpret their observations and determine which ones they need to act on.


Respond to Emergencies and Security Incidents

Since they are already in the area, security officers are able to respond quickly to incidents and emergencies. They take the immediate action necessary to manage the situation and prevent it from getting worse as they wait for the first responders (e.g. police, ambulance, firefighters) to arrive. It is crucial that security officers receive training in first aid to be able to provide medical assistance when needed.


Coordinate with Law Enforcement

Security officers coordinate with local police regarding updates on the security situation in the neighbouring areas. They know the fastest way to get in touch with the police so they can easily report incidents and get immediate response. If they handle criminal situations, the security officers should be able to apprehend and detain the people involved and provide a testimony to the police about what happened.


Manage Large Crowds

During big events or misunderstandings that cause a commotion, security officers are able to manage the crowd to prevent injuries and untoward incidents from happening.




Security officers are an integral part of security and risk management for businesses. With proper training and coordination with business owners and managers, they will be able to provide the unique security solutions that businesses require.

The quality of service and competency of security officers vary depending on the training and support they get from the security company they belong to. That is why it is crucial that you choose a security service provider that invests in their security officers’ development.

At Prosek Security, our security officers’ growth and development are at the top of our priorities. We understand that to be able to deliver top-quality security service to our clients, we should produce and deploy highly capable and top-of-the-line security personnel. Our officers are able to provide you with all the services we’ve listed out and more. Set a meeting with us and we’ll take you through how our security force can address your current security concerns and let you have the peace of mind you deserve.