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September 26, 2018
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7 Key Benefits a Mobile Patrol Service Can Bring Your Business


A mobile patrol service is a great alternative to an onsite security guard. With this service, security officers patrol their assigned areas at specific or random times. You’ll have control over the whole engagement – from the areas to be covered, tasks to be done, to the schedule of rounds.


What value do businesses find in mobile patrol services? How exactly can you benefit from hiring one?


It helps you save money

Compared to permanent security guards, it is significantly cheaper. Since you’ll be able to choose the terms of the guards’ engagement, you just need to pay for the services you need.

Having security officers watch over different parts of your premises also helps lessen your losses and liabilities resulting from burglaries, vandalism, and other unlawful activities. Not having to spend huge amounts of money on building repairs or lawsuit settlements is another way this service helps cut down on your costs.


It gives you the flexibility to address your changing needs

Mobile patrols cater to your specific instructions. Some of the tasks you can ask your mobile patrols to do are:

  • Rounding the perimeter using security vehicles
  • Securing gates and doors which may include safekeeping of keys and locking/unlocking them at certain times of day
  • Inspecting equipment and building fixtures for issues and malfunctions
  • Accompanying your employees for security reasons
  • Securing parking areas
  • Responding when alarms go off and other emergency situations


It secures a greater area of your premises

If you have a huge property, mobile patrols have vehicles they can use to cover long distances. They move from one location to another to ensure that all areas within their assigned perimeter are secure. They can be asked to alight their vehicle and check closely for damages, graffiti, and other matters that pose a threat to properties and people in the area.


It prevents crime and other unlawful activities from happening in your property

Guards in uniform and marked cars are effective visual deterrents against unwanted entities. Patrols on random schedule prevent crooks from anticipating your guards’ whereabouts and discourages them from targeting your establishment. The presence of mobile patrols makes it easier for the public to report any suspicious person or behaviour. This allows your guards to stop criminal activities before they even happen.


It gives your employees peace of mind

Mobile patrols can act as staff escorts who will accompany your employees to their vehicle or to the nearest public transport. They keep your employees safe by responding to security threats and other reported hazards that may potentially cause harm. Having them around lets your staff do their work without worrying about their safety.


It provides immediate response to emergency situations

Guards are able to respond quickly to alarms or reported unlawful activity. Being mobile and having access to vehicles gets them to the location within a few minutes or seconds. They are highly capable of neutralizing danger or providing first-aid measures until the first responders arrive.


It secures your property any time of the day

Break-ins, fire, or other security threats can happen when you least expect. You can schedule mobile patrols to round your property even hours after your establishment closes. This will help significantly minimize the potential damages, injuries, and losses these threats can cause.



A mobile patrol service is a great alternative to hiring permanent guards for your establishment. Aside from providing protection to your properties and the people on your premises, it also contributes to your growth by letting you cut down on costs and promoting a good image of your management.

Mobile patrols can work strategically with other security measures such as video surveillance. Our security experts at Prosek Security can guide you on how you can maximize the benefits that you’ll get from your mobile patrol service and how it can work best along with your existing security features. Contact us now for a free consultation.