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5 Best Video Surveillance Systems for Retail Businesses


Video surveillance systems are an integral component of ensuring the security of a business – its assets, personnel, and clients. And while the upfront costs of installing a capable video surveillance system may be considerable, the benefits and returns are usually well worth the investment. With so many video security systems on the market offering a myriad of options, choosing the right security system for your business can mean the difference between a worthwhile investment and a headache.


Several factors need to be considered when choosing a video security system, including the camera (resolution, IP vs Analogue, indoor/outdoor specific, etc.), video recorder (NVR vs DVR) and auxiliaries (PoE vs BNC cables, storage drives, etc.). Other considerations include ease of use and installation (particularly if your business does not have a dedicated IT/security department), flexibility or capacity for future upgrades and availability of customer support. With these considerations in mind, here are five of the best video surveillance systems currently on offer in the market suitable for small to medium-scale retail businesses.


Trendnet Security Surveillance System

Source: Trendnet Australia

Named by Business News Daily as the top overall video surveillance system in January 2018, Trendnet’s video surveillance system offers a wide range of camera models, network video recorders, and storage drives. A pre-bundled kit is available to quickly cover the most basic of security needs: one NVR recorder with a 4-channel PoE switch plus 2 outdoor 1.3 MP cameras with night vision and motion detection. This kit can be easily expanded to include additional PoE switches and up to 28 additional cameras, of which offerings include weatherproof 8-megapixel, 5-megapixel and 4-megapixel UHD cameras with night vision, motion detectors, pan-tilt-zoom functionality and mobile alerts! Performance-wise, the cameras themselves are quite impressive with crisp, clear images and excellent night-vision up to 30 meters (100 feet).

With a system this flexible, there are only a few limitations: the less-than-beginner-friendly security software and the price. The software (and the complexity of the installation process) can be a bit daunting, especially to a business with no dedicated IT or security station personnel. However, the technical support from Trendnet is top-notch and is available 24/7. And once your security staff gets used to the software interface, the strength of the system becomes very tangible, indeed.

The price of the security system can also be an issue. After all, setting up over twenty 8-MP or 5-MP cameras is not cheap. Nevertheless, the high performance and reliability of the Trendnet system may be worth the spending if it means your business is well-protected, and expenditure on security doesn’t even crack 1% of your bottom line.



Swan 16-Channel 4K Ultra HD NVR8580

Source: Swann Australia

This video security system features a 16-channel NVR with PoE and eight UHD cameras with night vision, motion detection, and two-way audio. Eight cameras can be added to the system for a total of 16, enough for a good-sized establishment. The 4K/UHD resolution ensures excellent quality images and wide coverage, and strong night vision capability (up to 45 meters or 150 feet) grants it advantages over most other cameras of similar price range. Security software for the Swan system also includes features such as human facial recognition and perimeter crossing detection, all of which add value to an already user-friendly interface, which can be easily viewed on a compatible 4K television set.

For all the features it brings to the table, the Swan 4K system the price is not very steep, the installation can be a breeze and the interface is very beginner-friendly. Its only limitations are the maximum of 16 cameras per system, as compared to other, fully commercial-grade systems and occasional issues with technical support services. Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses of almost any venture.


Alibi Video Surveillance System

Source: Amazon

The most unique feature of the Alibi Video Surveillance System is its compatibility with both IP cameras and “analogue” cameras. The video recorder unit supports up to 16 BNC-type “analogue” cameras (not included in the package) in addition to two IP HD cameras (must be exclusively Alibi IP cameras). This means that businesses with previously installed analogue camera systems can acquire the additional functionality and features of IP cameras, like HD images, motion detection, and mobile alerts without entirely ditching their existing video surveillance systems. Alibi’s security management software is easy to use and retains full features on mobile devices, as opposed to other software that only allows mobile notifications with most functions locked into a central management computer system.

The Alibi video surveillance system is a solid choice for small and medium-sized businesses with previously installed security systems that are looking to expand their old security system’s capabilities; However, businesses with intentions of fully upgrading their surveillance systems with top-of-the-line equipment get minimal benefit from the hybrid compatibility.


SecurityMan NDVR8 500K Security System

Source: Amazon

The SecurityMan NDVR8 500K system has all the basic features of an entry-level video surveillance system in a reliable, robust package. Being a DVR system with “analogue” cameras means that it lacks the modern, high-end features of most NVR/IP video surveillance systems, like motion sensors, true HD/UHD and smart notifications (although you can view the camera feed from a mobile device), but still has night vision capability up to about 25 meters (80 feet). The system is also limited to a maximum of eight (8) cameras.

What it lacks in complexity, however, the SecurityMan NDVR8 can make up for in reliability, ease of installation and set-up (it is virtually a plug-and-play system) and price. Not may video surveillance systems come with eight cameras with a US$600 price tag.

The SecurityMan NDVR8 500K is best suited for small, single-branch retail businesses with basic video surveillance needs and no immediate plans to expand aggressively.


Zosi 5-MP 8-Channel 1920p 5-MP Security System

Source: Amazon

The Zosi 5-MP 8-channel 1920p security system features an 8-channel DVR recorder with eight 5-MP IP cameras with 1920p HD recording resolution, night vision up to 30 meters and motion detection. The system set-up requires minimal technical expertise (another plug-and-play system), and the security software interface is relatively easy to use if a bit dated. There are some issues with setting up the e-mail and mobile alerts, but excellent technical support mostly makes up for the difficulties encountered.

Again, since this a DVR-based system, there are limitations compared to top-of-the-line NVR systems, most notably the maximum of just 8 cameras. While the daytime and night vision images are adequate, the motion detection feature. Also, no additional storage drives come with the package, so be mindful if you anticipate that you will need additional storage. This is another system best suited to small-sized businesses with entry-level requirements for their security systems.



There are a lot of options for security camera systems out there. We hope that by providing you with this list, you can be guided in making your choice. At the end of the day, the best system is one that suits your security needs the most.


We at Prosek Security understand the value of technology in ensuring the safety and security of your establishment. Get in touch with us so we can help guide you on your choice of video surveillance system and in making sure your hired security officers are knowledgeable and skilled enough to work with these technologies.