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4 Ways to Monitor Your Security Guards Using a Guard Verification System


Hiring a security company is usually not enough. As top-level management, you want to stay on top of security matters – be up-to-date with the current security situation and whether there are existing issues to address. However, not all security companies deliver consistent reports about the work their security officers are doing and the issues they’ve encountered. In many cases, business owners and managers have no means of monitoring their security officers’ activities and checking whether they are doing their jobs according to the stipulations of their contract.

The guard verification systems utilized by some security companies serve as tools the clients can use to directly monitor and manage the performance of the company they hired. Here are four ways how these systems give you more control over your security force and better ways of overseeing your overall security situation.

Real-time location tracking

Wouldn’t it be great if you have a way of knowing where your security officers are at a particular date and time? How much would it help your business if you can directly check whether critical areas (such as locations where you keep cash and other valuable items or places that are prone to breaches) were parts of your patrol officers’ daily rounds? You will finally have peace of mind because you won’t have to wonder if your security force is doing its job.

Some guard verification systems involve location tagging where guards can use a handheld device to scan location tags and automatically upload the relevant details (date, time, location, number of times they’ve been to that location) to a cloud-based system. It generates data about the guards’ activities as they happen.

State-of-the-art data recording

Most systems include handheld gadgets that are capable of advanced data recording. Relevant patrol details (date and time stamps, location, the name of the officer using the gadget), photos, text, and voice recording can be captured by the device. These are automatically uploaded as attachments of daily security or incident reports.

How easier would it be to make management decisions about reported incidents when you have all the relevant evidence you need right away? Just think about how quickly you’ll be able to take action on incidents that need urgent resolution with the help of these attachments.

Comprehensive and flexible reporting

These systems are able to generate all the reports you need including detailed records of the patrol points visited; employee activities; type, date, time, and severity of incidents; and the name of the officer who recorded the details. The reporting function can also be customised and filtered to reflect the exact information your office requires.

Consistent delivery of reports

How would you like security reports to be delivered daily to the email of the persons you assign at a time you predetermined? With this system, you won’t have to manually follow up with your security company for them to send you reports. One less thing to worry about. You will also be able to directly monitor your security service provider’s performance and evaluate whether you’re happy with their service or not.


Hiring an effective and highly competent security service provider will surely benefit your business. However, you can only ensure that the company you hired is complying with all the agreements you have in your contract when you have access to reports and evidence that attest their performance.

A guard verification system is a sophisticated tool that tracks your security officers’ activities. You may opt to invest in this technology for your own team or you can hire a security company that utilises this system instead. Security companies with their own guard verification system only show how they value transparency with their clients by providing them with reports and requesting direct feedback about their performance.

Prosek Security is one of the first security companies who pioneered the integration of a guard verification system in its operations. We value building strong partnerships with our clients by providing them with all the information they need when they need it – overall granting them the peace of mind they deserve. Get in touch with us now to know more about the reporting system Prosek uses, and how you can get the same satisfaction our current clients are having.