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Why is traffic management important for construction sites?

Is your next construction project in need of expert traffic management?

Is your next construction project in need of expert traffic management?

Take a look around any Australian town or city, and there's a good chance you will see construction work being carried out. Whether it's the building of new houses, work on major infrastructure or the patching up of a regional road, it's a huge industry – over $45 billion worth of construction happened in the December 2016 quarter alone, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

A key concern for any building sites is the management of traffic flowing through affected areas. Ensuring that drivers, pedestrians and workers are all safe and accounted for is essential to reduce risks of injury and help the project progress. So, what are the critical traffic management functions on the construction site?

Adequate signage is a critical part of a traffic management plan.Adequate signage is a critical part of a traffic management plan.

Reducing the risk of accidents

According to the Health and Safety Executive, the majority of traffic accidents on construction sites occur at points where vehicles and pedestrians intersect. Site entry and exit points, road crossings and pedestrian walkways are all high-risk areas, so stationing trained traffic management personnel at these locations is an essential first step. 

Construction elements such as scaffolding and temporary barriers can hinder sightlines for pedestrians, increasing the danger as they pass through or around a building site. Similarly, obstructions may require people to walk in areas they usually avoid, so having an officer in place to guide people in times of disruption will ensure safety as much as possible.

Stationing trained traffic management personnel at key locations is an essential step.

Complying with necessary signage and warnings

Another effective way of reducing the chances of traffic incidents on construction sites is ensuring that all hazardous areas are clearly marked so people know where they should and shouldn't be. Establishing pedestrian exclusion zones, secure parking spaces and speed limits are a selection of factors that must be included in your traffic management plan.

Signage plays an important role in clearly delineating travel paths throughout a site, and visual warning devices such as flashing lights and bright barriers will indicate restricted zones and clearance limits for vehicles. At the centre of a traffic management plan, however, a skilled officer must always remain to oversee and adapt strategies where necessary.

Traffic management with Prosek

Prosek Security has a team of experienced and well-trained traffic management officers, with a history of supporting major construction and civil construction companies with their traffic control needs. Whether it's a small residential building site or a critical infrastructure project, Prosek's focus on efficiency and safety will help ensure operations run smoothly with minimal disruption to workers and pedestrians.