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3 signs of effective traffic management control

Effective traffic management can be the difference between chaos and order.

Effective traffic management can be the difference between chaos and order.

Traffic management seems like a simple concept to the untrained eye, but those with years of expertise in the service understand the subtle differences that make individual controllers effective at their job.

Unsure whether your worksite is receiving adequate support for vehicles, employees and pedestrians? If the following aspects aren't present, it may be a signal that it's time to go in a different direction:

1. Traffic management plan (TMP)

The linchpin of an effective traffic controller strategy is the formal plan in place. Unpredictable situations are always a threat and can endanger the safety of the public and workers, which is why it's essential to address the following before work even begins:

  • The optimal flow of foot and vehicular traffic.
  • The unexpected transportation of heavy machinery.
  • The explicit roles and hierarchy of management on site.

Having processes in place to deal with these issues, before work begins, will help reduce the chance anything goes wrong, as traffic management controllers are prepared for any situation.

Traffic controllers must have a deep understanding of manoeuvres, signs and signals.Traffic controllers must have a deep understanding of manoeuvres, signs and signals.

2. Highly skilled traffic controllers

It is important that traffic controllers have the appropriate level of knowledge and skills to do the job. This includes being able to understand what signs need to be used when, and which official traffic manoeuvres will likely be needed. Having a trained controller adept at traffic signalling is highly recommended by Safe Work Australia.

Another essential component of mastering traffic flow is being able to multitask. Controllers must be able to monitor changing vehicle and pedestrian patterns all while keeping in constant communication with the head of the worksite for any deviations from the original TMP. This is a skill that can only come from years of handling traffic control.

Ability to multitask and prior experience are highly advantageous.

3. Risk detection

One of the less talked about, but equally important, characteristic of an effective traffic controller is the innate ability to spot danger before it has a chance to take its toll. Let's be honest – anything can happen on a worksite. Deploying an experienced staff with security personnel skill sets is a practical way to apply more oversight for the task at hand.

Don't settle for second best. Construction industry traffic management compliance rates, in particular, are higher than any other sector, according to Workplace Health and Safety Queensland. Contact Prosek Security today to find out how highly skilled traffic controllers can enhance the safety of your worksite.