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December 1, 2016
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Inner Services Page

Inner Services Page

Customer service staff who can protect and serve, that’s Prosek Security Concierge and Customer Service.

We provide discreet, security-trained protection to meet and greet visitors at building entrances, minus the security guard uniform.

Visitors to your business should always be met with a friendly face, yet there's comfort in knowing you have staff with capable hands should a situation arise. We recognise that certain clients and particular situations call for a discreet solution rather than a uniformed security officer.

Prosek Security Concierge and Customer Service is just that. Our personnel ensure that our clients have the professional appearance they require at their entrances, with the assurance of knowing that they have the training, qualifications and resources to adequately protect their organisation.

The recruitment of our specialised concierge and customer service security officers is based on their customer-centric approach. They’re trained to provide security functions together with a providing a positive, lasting impression of your business. Contact us now to find out how we can tailor a customer-focused security solution for your organisation.