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Why do educational institutions need security services?

Security for education facilities is a critical concern.

Security for education facilities is a critical concern.

Educational institutions are a vital part of Australia's society, helping the next generation of citizens grow into the future entrepreneurs, employees and leaders of the country. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there were almost 3.8 million primary and secondary school students in 2016, while Universities Australia reports over a million more are enrolled at dozens of tertiary institutions.

Each educational institution has unique challenges with regards to security for students and staff, based on a number of factors such as location, demographics and size. Depending on these and other elements, a security presence may be necessary to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone.

Each educational institution has unique challenges with regards to security for students and staff.

So what are the areas an educational institution must consider from a security standpoint, and how can reaching out to a trusted security provider such as Prosek help?

Issues with harassment and discrimination

Bullying amongst students is an unfortunate reality of all educational institutions, and can be incredibly harmful to victims both physically and psychologically. Australian Security Magazine notes that more than one quarter of all Australian pupils are affected by bullying, with 9 per cent being victimised on a weekly basis. 

Rueben Cunningham, co-founder of national anti-bullying organisation Angels Hope, suggests that anti-discrimination laws are lacking, leaving many students vulnerable.

"Most laws that are in effect are from decades ago and offer no real protection or recourse for the victims of bullying," he says.

To ensure that bullying and discrimination are kept to a minimum, professional and discreet security guards can monitor the interactions between students. Prosek's officers are experienced and well-trained, with a keen understanding of when intervention is needed.

Monitoring illicit behaviour

Similar to bullying, students involved in illicit behaviour such as drug and alcohol use in educational institutions is an issue that is incredibly difficult to stamp out. The scale of drug use does appear to be declining, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reports that 15 per cent of people aged 14 and over in Australia are illicit drug users, with 80 per cent of those using illegal substances such as cannabis.

Whether it's illegal or controlled substance abuse or any other criminal behaviour, educational institutions may find themselves liable should any serious issues occur. Protecting not only the safety and health of your students and staff but also the reputation of your organisation can be eased with the assistance of professional security guards.

Professional and discreet security guards can monitor the interactions between students.

Keeping tabs on the conduct and behaviour of students, all while maintaining a welcoming, respectful and discreet presence, is the standard that Prosek's security guards hold themselves to in an educational setting. 

Why choose Prosek for education security?

Understanding that each educational facility has its own needs with regards to security services is the first step towards protecting students and staff. Prosek Security's experience devising and implementing effective strategies across Australia makes us the ideal choice to help your institution provide the best learning environment possible.

After conducting an initial risk assessment and consultation period, Prosek's security guards will build your comprehensive security management plan tailored to your unique requirements. We're also aware of the budget constraints many educational organisations operate under, and can design a solution to meet with any restraints you may have – budgetary or otherwise. 

Get in touch with our team today, and be sure to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for students at any stage of their education.