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What can professional guards offer for your site?

Security officers can prevent unauthorised access to your business.

Security officers can prevent unauthorised access to your business.

Every Australian business unfortunately needs to devise strategies to combat the risks of crime. For many, that means investing in security solutions – IBISWorld research has indicated that investigation and security services in Australia is a $6 billion industry, growing by 1.3 per cent between 2012 and 2017.

Much of this spending by businesses goes toward hiring trained, experienced security officers. These individuals can carry out a number of important tasks to protect your organisation, from static guarding of sites or storage facilities to mobile alarm response and CCTV monitoring.

Trained, experienced security officers carry out a number of important tasks to protect your organisation.

Greater peace of mind

Qualified guards on site protect organisations in a number of ways, with two of the most valuable being a reduction in opportunities for theft and helping business owners and employees feel safe. 

Having a security officer at the front of your location or circulating inside deters potential thieves, which is particularly important for businesses with items that can be easily removed, and even companies with higher-value goods or large amounts of money on the premises.

For situations where more intensive security is requires, armed guards or K9 handlers may be an appropriate strategy, providing an optimal level of protection.

Vigilant surveillance and observation

The experience of security officers can have a lasting effect on your security measures. Alongside monitoring the situation at your site and dealing with any potentially dangerous situations, static guards may observe gaps in security measures and offer advice to address them.

Comprehensive training is provided to all of Prosek Security's officers, resulting in expert individuals capable of identifying risks and implementing strategies to minimise them. In addition to on-site patrolling, Prosek offers CCTV control room monitoring, useful for remote observation and evidence gathering.

Static security officers prevent shoplifting at your business.Static security officers prevent shoplifting at your business.

Controlling access to restricted areas

Whether permanently off-limits or a short-term measure, every site has areas where movements must be controlled. Protecting off-limits areas and screening visitors to a locations is a necessary safety and security measure.

Security officers can be stationed at key entry and exit points to ensure no one is granted access without the necessary permission, reducing the chances of theft or interference, and ensuring health and safety policies are followed.

Whatever your organisation's unique needs, there are a number of benefits to hiring security officers. Speak to Prosek Security today.