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Keep your site safe with effective security officers

The need for effective, highly skilled security officers is growing.

The need for effective, highly skilled security officers is growing.

The security sector continues to flourish as the need for highly trained security officers grows.

A study by the Construction and Property Services Industry Skill Council (CPSISC) found the market is thriving and employment among commercial properties will continue to grow over the next five years. Of course, no two guards are the same; experienced veterans that are capitalising on new technology will ultimately fare better than their counterparts who are stuck in the past.

Don't take a chance

Incorporating the latest technology is a component of effective site security.

It's easy to say, "It'll never happen to us." Criminal threats and customer altercations aren't exactly a weekly occurrence, and that's when the proverbial guard is let down. If security personnel are anything less than diligent and attentive, they'll be too late to intervene when real action is needed.

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) and CCTV are being heralded as must-have technologies that can support security officers and enhance safety on any site, the CPSISC reported. The prevailing line of thought is that they'll become all but mandatory throughout the next decade as they provide personnel with the support to thoroughly secure a location.

A proactive approach to commercial property security that stops criminals before they have a chance to act is the most effective strategy. While the liabilities at each individual worksite are unique and should be specifically accounted for by conducting a thorough risk assessment, there are a few things effective security officers should be doing on a daily basis:

Security guards provide a visible presence that can deter criminals.Security guards provide a visible presence that can deter criminals.

1. Maintain presence in high-traffic areas

Simply having security guards on-site doesn't necessarily mean they can prevent criminal activity. Conduct routine assessments of the property and place personnel at visible locations to ward off would-be threats. Mobile patrols are an alternative cost-effective approach to protecting the institution at night or monitoring the premise during opening and closing time.

2. Utilise technology

CCTV and RFID chips should always be in use. Deploying a security officer in a operating control room lends experience in identifying risks on video before they have a chance to develop, while RFID technology allows management to create a log of checkpoints and analyse if a more effective approach to patrolling can be taken.

3. Enhance security protocol

With the aforementioned system in place, security officers monitoring the property can take the time to conduct thorough inspections of the entire building. This can help them spot any flaws in the structure that need to be shored up, or any criminal activity in progress.

Experienced security officers should be adept in various techniques.

Similarly, internal threats shouldn't be forgotten. Implement a key card system to counter any potential insider risks – the types of breaches that are difficult to notice before they occur.

4. Oversee contractors

Commercial property managers should make sure the resources are in place so security officers can monitor both the location, as well as any construction workers or other external personnel that have been hired to work at the location.

5. Prepared for the unexpected

In the case an injury takes place on-site, security personnel should be trained in first aid response so they can quickly and effectively treat the patient until medical services arrive at the scene.

Strategies that can enhance worksite securities are unique to each location, and therefore open to interpretation. Risk assessments can be useful evaluations to find any gaps in your existing protocol. Without experienced security officers and the latest technology in place, though, efforts to shore up any holes in your protection can quickly become all for naught.

Ensure the safety of your customers and staff by upgrading its security measures today. Contact a Prosek Security representative to find out how our security professionals can help your business.