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Protecting valuable cargo with secure logistics

Secure logistics is a smart option for organisations moving valuable cargo.

Secure logistics is a smart option for organisations moving valuable cargo.

Security is about more than protecting your home or place of business. For many organisations, transportation of valuable items is an important part of operations; when cargo is in transit, it may be vulnerable to theft or interference.

Moving cash between facilities is a necessary element of business operation that must be protected. Robberies involving armoured cash-in-transit (CIT) vehicles may seem like something exclusive to Hollywood action movies, but the reality is they do happen in Australia. According to the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal's inquiry into the sector released in 2015, there were 61 reported incidents of armed CIT robberies between 2000 and 2010.

To ensure your valuable cargo remains safe from the inherent hazards of transportation, engaging secure logistics professionals is a smart choice.

Transporting cash between facilities carries an element of risk.Transporting cash between facilities carries an element of risk.

Defining cash-in-transit

Safe Work Australia offers advice for any businesses that must move valuable cargo – including money, jewels, bullion and securities – from place to place. Any situation where cash is exposed to the public, such as servicing and maintaining automatic teller machines (ATMs), ticketing devices at public transport stations or electronic gambling machines, carries a level of risk.

Organisations that engage in any of the activities above may not have the training and expertise to ensure their valuables – and the people transporting them – are adequately protected. Utilising a trusted, well-prepared secure logistics team is essential to help your items arrive at their intended destination without incident.

Engaging secure logistics professionals for your CIT needs is a smart choice.

Managing cash-in-transit risks

As with any aspect of operations with a risk element, the first thing organisations should do is conduct a hazard assessment. Considering all stages of the CIT journey, from the time the valuables leave their origin point to when they are secured at their destination, is a must. Once you have completed this critical step, it's much easier to determine what measures will be taken to manage the risks.

Safe Work Australia again has tips for organisations unsure about what to consider in their risk assessment:

  • Will transportation activities be overt – clearly marked and visible vehicles and crew – or covert – unmarked vehicles and crew?
  • How regularly will transportation occur, and how often will crews be changed?
  • What time of day will transportation occur? Will heavy traffic conditions potentially interrupt transit, or is darkness a factor?
  • How many people may be exposed to the activity – both transport crew members and members of the public?
  • What equipment is available to assist in the transportation, and are all vehicles, personal protective equipment and communication systems effective and well maintained?

Each of these factors – and others depending on your unique situation – will contribute to the final CIT plan. It's clearly a lot to think about, and for organisations that require frequent transportation activity, it can be a significant use of resources and time.

Is your cash-in-transit solution as secure as possible?Is your cash-in-transit solution as secure as possible?

Getting help from a specialist secure logistics provider

Rather than burden people within your organisation with the risk and planning activity that goes into secure CIT actions, the most sensible choice is to employ the services of a secure logistics team. Prosek offers optimal security for transportation of your cash and valuable items, with well-trained and experienced officers capable of managing every aspect of the journey.

From small businesses that only need occasional CIT assistance to larger organisations such as retail outlets and hotels with more regular needs, Prosek's secure logistics service can take control of your transportation needs, allowing you to dedicate time and resources to other aspects of operations. With a fleet of well-equipped vehicles piloted by expert security personnel, you will enjoy greater peace of mind.

Get in touch with the team at Prosek today for more information about our secure logistics service.