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Cash in transit – where technology meets training

Prosek's cash-in-transit operations are backed by cutting-edge technology.

Prosek's cash-in-transit operations are backed by cutting-edge technology.

Many business owners now see online money transfers and instantaneous data movement as the more efficient alternative to moving their business' assets between locations, when compared with supposedly 'low-tech' traditional methods. But what they don't realise is that cash-in-transit operations are backed by a sizeable investment in supporting GPS and mobile communications technology, designed to ensure that the skills of trained security officers are sharpened with the tools they need to ensure the safe transfer of your assets.

In 2012-2013, over 48 per cent of the budget for private security in Australia was invested in electronics, including ongoing operation costs, according to the Australian Security Industry Association. This figure represents a continued faith in the ability of reputable companies like Prosek Security to operate cash-in-transit effectively, especially when backed with our range of digital technology.

In 2012-2013, over 48 per cent of spending for private security was invested in electronic technology.

GPS technology

Prosek operates a variety of reliable vehicles to suit the scale of any operation, which can be tailored to client specifications. Unmarked vehicles and plain-clothes officers suit a discreet service, while security high-branding and uniformed officers increase visibility. Cash-in-transit operations are often time-sensitive, so we have fitted our vehicles with the latest in GPS and navigation technology. This ensures that our trained officers can navigate costly traffic delays or roadworks, especially in inner-city areas, ensuring the timely delivery of your assets.

The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development estimated that the avoidable cost of traffic congestion in Australia's capital cities was $16.5 billion in 2015 – Prosek's advanced GPS solutions can prevent asset movement delay and ensures your business doesn't join that statistic.

Our trained cash-in-transit services are backed by effective technology,Our trained cash-in-transit services are backed by effective technology.

Monitoring and mobile communications

Once your assets are on the move, you want to know there is someone keeping an eye on the journey every step of the way. While our vehicles are in transit, we monitor them with tracking technology. This ensures that our security officers are taking the most effective transit route possible and are culpable for their movements, as well as remaining informed about any ongoing operational changes.

We also use premium mobile communications to ensure that our officers are always in contact with central management, regardless of conditions. Communications are most often affected by high-density building areas or tunnels – Prosek spares no cost in ensuring all staff members are contactable at all times during journeys.

Prosek offers an unrivalled blend of skilled interpersonal security officers with cutting-edge communications technology. Our 15 years of industry expertise has made us safe in the knowledge that a premium cash-in-transit service, matched with the latest digital technology, ensures the best possible security solution for any business needing to transfer their assets between locations. Please contact our friendly team for further information.