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Mobile patrols: Watching your site while you’re not there

Mobile Patrols keep an eye on your business when you aren't there.

Mobile Patrols keep an eye on your business when you aren't there.

Many small businesses operate on narrow margins, meaning their on-site assets – including cash, stock and equipment – are high value and near financially irreplaceable in the case of theft or damage. In 2012-2013, over $2.5 billion was spent on private security manpower in Australia, with a further $2.3 billion on supporting equipment according to the Australian Security Industry Association. This figure represents a sizeable and sensible investment in measures to deter criminal activity.

At Prosek Security, we have a range of security measures to protect your business from criminals, including our ever popular mobile patrol services. With regular surveillance and trained security officers patrolling, keeping your business safe has never been simpler.

In 2012-2013, over $2.5 billion was spent on private security manpower in Australia.

Mobile patrols and alarm response

Many businesses don't have the cash to pay full-time on-site security personnel. Similarly, ongoing financial constraints on law enforcement means that policing is reactive and inefficient. Mobile security patrols are the best solution, with regular shifts ensuring there is a visible security presence, and surveillance of your premises for out of hours periods ensuring their is always an eye on your business.

Our security officers are highly trained in crime prevention, meaning they are experts at risk detection and proactively searching for signs of criminal behaviour. Prevention is better than cure, and the presence of uniformed security personnel is often deterrent enough for criminal activity. Additionally, our alarm response is quick and effective, meaning there is a higher chance of identifying criminals and retrieving stolen goods.

Guard verification and electronic reporting

Key to the effectiveness of our mobile patrol services is technology that keeps our clients engaged with their own security. Our cloud-based reporting system captures text, audio and imagery in real time to transmit information between our security officers and clients, ensuring they can participate in identifying threats. This portable reporting system is integrated into our database, ensuring all data is backed up for later reference, and also helps in complying with OH&S rules.

Our Mobile Patrol officers are highly trained and backed with leading technology. Our mobile patrol officers are highly trained and backed with leading technology.

This reporting system is supported by our digital guard verification system, which monitors our officers' movements and timings. This holds several advantages:

  • Verifying patrols have been completed on time and to client specifications.
  • Monitoring patrol movements and timings to streamline security process.
  • Analysing patrol movement patterns, for building a fuller picture of any criminal activities that take place, to help law enforcement.

Mobile patrols ultimately represent the most flexible and effective means of maintaining a security presence for your business. Australians invest billions into private security every year, safe in the knowledge that professional security officers on patrol and state-of-the-art surveillance systems saves them billions more in preventable criminal theft and damage.

For more information on how mobile patrols could help safeguard your business, contact the Prosek team today.