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May 29, 2018
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5 Ways You Can Improve Your Hotel’s Security


Security is a primary consideration of customers when choosing which hotel to book. And in today’s digital age where a negative review or news of security concerns about your hotel can drastically affect your hotel’s image, you may want to consider making some improvements in your security procedures.

Conduct all necessary assessments prior to creating a security plan

Understanding the risks, threats, and vulnerabilities that your hotel faces and how they change over time is key to designing an effective security plan. Look into the profile of your guests and current travel and hotel industry trends. Regularly conduct assessments that aim to provide you with a clearer picture of your security situation and use the results as a basis for developing your security plan.

Acknowledge the role of management and personnel in maintaining the safety and security of the hotel

Having a perfect security management plan and state-of-the-art security technology won’t matter if all hotel staff, from the management to utility personnel, don’t fully understand their role in preventing and addressing security issues. All employees should receive continuous training in identifying and addressing security issues and suspicious behaviours. Emergency response plans should be part of employee orientation and must always be updated. Management should regularly correspond with the police and other emergency services.

Deliver an exceptional customer experience

Be invested in your customers. Get to know them and how you can provide them with a pleasant stay by engaging with them. This practice won’t only make your guests feel well taken care of but also allows your staff to spot persons who may have criminal intentions. Your staff should also be able to let the guests know about the things they should do in order to keep themselves and their belongings safe without causing panic.

Choose the appropriate security technology and use them properly

Technology can serve as great deterrents to criminal activities. The locks of hotel rooms and high-risk areas like server rooms can be updated to those with extra security features like electronic key locks, deadbolts, or those that can track the identity of people going in and out. Video surveillance is an efficient way to monitor activity within the hotel premises but only if your staff knows how to use it and if it is constantly monitored. Your hotel’s security procedures should include a regular security tech audit to keep software and policies updated.

Take time to evaluate your security situation

Having security protocols and personnel is not enough. Security plans need to be frequently scrutinized to see how effective or ineffective they are. Security incidents indicate flaws in your security management and must be addressed immediately. Continuously improve your security procedures to adapt to current needs.


Security problems ruin your guests’ hotel stay and can possibly have bigger repercussions on how your hotel is perceived by the public. Security and risk management should not be taken lightly and should not be completely handed off to a third-party security provider. As hotel management, you should do your part in creating the best possible security plan and ensuring that the protocols you put in place are well understood and thoroughly implemented.

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