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4 reasons why it’s more effective to use cash-in-transit

Prosek Security's cash-in-transit services are effective in transporting your assets.

Prosek Security's cash-in-transit services are effective in transporting your assets.

Nowadays there are numerous options for transiting your business' cash from your work site to another location. Examples include digital transfers directly between bank accounts, numerous online money transfer platforms such as PayPal or Google Wallet or physically transiting cheques. However, the best way of ensuring your business' hard earned money arrives at its location safely remains by enlisting the help of security services like Prosek Security. For those still on the fence, here are four reasons why it's more effective to use a cash-in-transit provider.


Last year saw over 9,400 people fall victim to robbery in Australia. Cashing or transferring physical cheques leaves you exposed to such violence, while rising issues with cybercrime may also put transferring your money online at risk, with over 114,000 incidents reported in the last two years according to the Department of Defence. Prosek's secure cash-in-transit services operate every part of the journey professionally. The presence of uniformed security acts as a psychological deterrent to any attempted crime, and our security officers secure are trained in conflict situations.

Prosek's cash-in-transit services are quick and secure. Prosek's cash-in-transit services are quick and secure.


Online transfers can often fall foul of hardware or Wi-Fi crashes, leaving your cash transfer susceptible to delay, potentially at great personal cost. Prosek's cash-in-transit security operates quickly and efficiently, with advanced GPS technology and monitoring software used to ensure our transit vehicles reach their destination free of traffic delays. Our vehicles and transit service can also be customised to accommodate client specifications.


Two of the major negatives of direct debit money transfer come in the form of accessibility. Businesses may be charged extra for the processing of direct debit transactions, and these transactions may not even be available to certain businesses depending on their financial strength and state fraud controls, according to Business Australia. With cash-in-transit, all our clients are treated equally and there are no hidden costs – we handle all of the operation details and the journey, so you know your hard-earned money is being managed by industry experts.

Cybercrime is a legislative grey area in terms of prosecuting criminals and retrieving funds.

Insurance cover

Prosek cash-in-transit services also have the advantage of insurance cover if any issues occur. While cybercrime is still a legislative grey area in terms of finding and prosecuting criminals and retrieving stolen funds, cover for physically stolen cash remains more comprehensive for all parties. Prosek Security's team pride themselves in providing peace of mind for clients, ensuring that you and your assets are covered no matter what life throws.

Prosek Security has teams of well-trained professionals with years of cash-in-transit and security operations experience, ensuring your hard-earned money stays in the right hands. For more information or to get a quote, contact us today.