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March 14, 2017
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Why is a mobile security patrol right for your business?

Mobile patrols protect your assets outside of business hours.

Mobile patrols protect your assets outside of business hours.

The backbone of the Australian economy is small business. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, over 97 per cent of the nation's businesses have fewer than 20 employees, making up a significant portion of our total workforce.

Regardless of size, all organisations must pay close attention to their security needs, but small businesses in particular are advised to ensure security solutions are robust. Insurance company Youi notes that commercial premises – primarily retail outlets and small industry sites – fall victim to burglary more often than any other facilities.

As any small business owner will tell you, budgets are usually tight, so employing full-time, on-site security guards may not be an affordable option. If your own organisation finds itself in this situation, perhaps employing the services of mobile patrols is the right option.

Our mobile patrols can keep an eye on your business.Our mobile patrols can keep an eye on your business.

How can a mobile patrol help?

Businesses operating during traditional office hours likely have employees on-site at all times, so as long as personnel maintain a level of watchfulness and vigilance, security concerns will be kept under control. The challenge, however, is protecting your assets when people aren't around – primarily nights and holiday periods. 

The most effective security solution involves having static guards stationed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but the majority of small business budgets simply have no room for that level of expense. As a more cost-effective option, mobile security patrols will make regular visits to your business and any others in your area, effectively spreading the costs among several organisations in the community.

Mobile patrols are a more cost-effective security option.

Alongside the benefit of having regular monitoring of your facilities, simply having security guard vehicles patrolling the area can be a deterrent to criminals in and of itself. Making security efforts more visible is one of the most important actions a business can take, reducing the perceived opportunity for criminals to exploit.

Protection for a range of issues

The threat of burglary is just one problem businesses face; there are a number of other ways having regular security patrols monitoring your assets can help. For example, many organisations have found themselves the victim of of vandalism, a frustrating and often costly issue.

Keep Australia Beautiful estimates that the Australian nationwide cost of graffiti and other forms of vandalism adds up to around $2.7 billion every year. The Brisbane City Council alone spends over $4 million annually to repair and replace vandalised assets. As with burglaries, leaving a window of opportunity open for vandals makes your business vulnerable.

Having visible, regular mobile security patrols keeping an eye on your business sends a message to potential criminals, closing that window of opportunity and reducing the likelihood your facilities will be targeted. 

Mobile patrols can help reduce the risk of vandalism.Mobile patrols can help reduce the risk of vandalism.

Mobile patrols with Prosek

Prosek Security's mobile patrols are a highly effective, reliable and affordable way to keep your business and assets safe. All of our officers go through comprehensive training in all the necessary skills for mobile security monitoring, and operate high-performance specifically designed for the job. Advanced mobile communications, GPS tracking and navigation are all utilised in our efforts to regularly check your sites. 

There's more to our mobile patrols than a physical presence and visible deterrence, however. Our officers thoroughly check for any signs of criminal activity or trespassers, identify any unauthorised vehicles on or around your site and can even assist with opening and closing of premises or carrying out plant and equipment checks.

The team at Prosek Security is committed to providing the best possible security arrangement to give you peace of mind. If you are interested in having our mobile security patrols keep an eye on your business at times when you and your staff are not present, get in touch with us today.