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Maintaining a discreet security presence in retail

Prosek's officers can help with monitoring of your retail space.

Prosek's officers can help with monitoring of your retail space.

There are a lot of moving parts to manage when running a retail business, but there are two critical elements that every brick-and-mortar location must have – excellent customer service and effective security personnel. Without the former, your customers may become frustrated and take their business elsewhere, while a lack of security leaves you vulnerable to theft and other troubling, costly issues.

One of the most significant challenges retailers face is the growing threat of online competition. The convenience of shopping at home at any time of day is a huge selling point that gives e-commerce solutions a significant edge, so providing a welcoming and enticing face-to-face shopping environment for customers is essential to stay competitive. To maintain that experience, retailers must minimise customer interference. 

Having enough staff to serve your customers is essential.Having enough staff to serve your customers is essential.

Providing the service your customers demand

Few things will frustrate a customer in a retail environment more than not being able to get assistance when they need it. According to My Customer, service expectations and waiting times are two of the most important aspects of the shopping experience. 

It's therefore critical that the customer experience is allowed to proceed as smoothly as possible, free from interruptions. Having a discreet, vigilant security presence can ensure your valued patrons are not disturbed as they browse through your store and interact with your staff, all while maintaining a high level of observation.

Prosek's commitment to providing the highest possible quality of security staff is made possible thanks to extensive training that lets our officers fulfil a range of roles. All of our attentive security officers bring a highly professional and positive attitude perfect for tending to the needs of your store.

Monitoring security without disrupting customers

With the 2014-2015 Global Retail Theft Barometer finding shoplifting and employee theft as the leading causes of 'retail shrink' – revenues lost from inventory going missing – an observant and effective security presence is essential for brick-and-mortar outlets. The report estimates that retail crime costs Australian businesses approximately $4.5 billion every year.

Having a discreet, vigilant security presence can ensure your valued patrons are not disturbed.

On top of being highly effective customer service staff, Prosek's security officers provide immense peace of mind by constantly monitoring the shop floor. Equipped with the skills to identify and handle suspicious activity, monitor security systems and surveillance cameras, and provide key control for restricted areas, they're a discreet presence ready to act quickly when necessary.

In addition to our day-to-day retail store monitoring, when your business engages Prosek's services we are able to conduct a detailed risk assessment of your site, and employ customised loss prevention strategies appropriate to your situation. All of our officers are trained and experienced in how thefts happen in a retail business, and those skills allow us to devise an effective security strategy to protect your business and customers.

All of our officers receive comprehensive training before being assigned to our clients, and our development programs allow us to provide knowledgeable and motivated security officers capable of handling any situation. Speak to the team at Prosek Security today and bring experienced, security-conscious employees to your retail space.