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Security for a range of business assets

Mobile security patrols can protect your business from vandalism.

Mobile security patrols can protect your business from vandalism.

Small businesses make up the backbone of our nation's economy. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) notes that, of the over two million active companies in the country, over 97 per cent have fewer than 20 employees. Operating in this competitive environment can be a huge challenge, and issues with security can only make things more difficult.

Having criminals and vandals interfere with business assets is an expensive and frustrating issue. Whether it's theft of items during operating hours, break-ins during the night or vandalism, it's a disruptive and costly concern that most companies have to deal with at one time or another.

Having access to experienced and professional security personnel can help to reduce the risks your business faces, not only saving you money but also offering peace of mind. But what do you need to consider when devising your security plan?

Having mobile security guards as a deterrent against crime is a valuable investment.

Are all of your assets protected?

For many companies, items contained within a brick-and-mortar location are only a part of overall assets. Business vehicles, for example, are typically stored on-site in an outdoor car park, as having indoor garages represents a significant additional expense that many cannot afford. 

Having a comprehensive security strategy that covers all of your business assets – inside and out –  is critical. The ABS notes that the three major areas of property crime – unlawful entry with intent, motor vehicle theft and other theft – increased in 2015.

More recent state-based statistics show the scale of the problem, with Western Australian Police figures revealing over 14,000 offences against property in March 2017 alone. Having mobile security guards as a deterrent against these incidents remains one of the most valuable investments businesses across the nation can make. 

Reducing the damage caused by vandalism

While graffiti and other forms of vandalism may seem like a less serious issue for businesses, the impact of the problem is still considerable. According to CrimeStoppers, the Brisbane City Council spends over $4 million annually repairing vandalism around the city. 

Graffiti or damage to your site is not only unsightly, it may deter people from visiting your establishment. Businesses may have to shoulder the cost associated with repairs and clean up, while potentially losing revenue in the meantime. Again, the majority of these crimes occur outside of regular working hours, when there's often no one around to monitor the situation.

The Brisbane City Council spends over $4 million annually repairing vandalism around the city.

Having full-time security guards at all times outside of operating hours is likely beyond the reach of most Australian small businesses, however a mobile patrol making regular passes of your location provides a physical security presence strong enough to make any vandals think twice. 

Deterring crime with Prosek Security's mobile patrols

Protecting Australian businesses is a core part of our service at Prosek Security, and our mobile patrol officers are all highly trained and experienced to ensure your location is well looked after. All of Prosek's patrol vehicles are also equipped with mobile communications, navigation and GPS tracking technology, giving us the tools to deal with any security situation.

Your business assets are among the most valuable parts of running a company, so making sure they're not interfered with is essential. For a cost-effective security solution that can protect your business outside of operating hours, get in touch with the team at Prosek Security today.