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Protecting local governments with security services

Protect local government facilities with security officers.

Protect local government facilities with security officers.

The public service sector in Australia is vast, employing almost two million people across the nation according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). While federal and state governments take the lion's share of that workforce, local government is an essential part of our society, one the ABS notes is populated with 186,000 workers.

Without these hard-working individuals, so much of the infrastructure we rely on would be compromised, making life incredibly difficult for residents. Naturally, then, ensuring that local government employees and the facilities they use are protected is an essential concern.

Ensure security at your next local government-run event.Ensure security at your next local government-run event.

Balancing security with budgets

As essential as the services of local government are, it's an unfortunate reality that many of these organisations are woefully under-funded. Particularly for large organisations such as the Brisbane City Council – which the Australian Local Government Association notes is the largest in Australia, serving a population of 1.2 million – tight budgets mean decision-making is a challenge. 

Protecting local government assets and personnel needs to be cost-effective, and that means working with a provider of security officers who are experienced and trained to be effective. Finding a partner with a keen understanding of the needs of local government organisations – and how to meet those needs – is the most valuable consideration, ensuring efficient and tailored service.

Prosek Security: An ideal choice for local government

For 15 years, Prosek Security has been serving the security needs of organisations in Queensland, Western Australia and New South Wales, and we have vast experience designing and implementing security strategies for local government. Combining elements of our suite of security services, we can design a customised solution involving:

  • Concierge and reception roles – Assisting with visitor management and guidance at government offices.
  • Physical security – Protection and visible crime deterrence around assets.
  • Lockup/unlock – Ensuring access to government facilities is controlled.
  • Mobile patrols – Maintaining a vigilant watch on sites.
  • Event and crowd management – Protection and monitoring of attendees at government-run functions.
  • Community Watch patrol service – Ensuring at-risk areas are kept safe from criminals at all hours.

This is just a selection of the tasks Prosek's security officers can carry out for local government agencies. Our team will consult with you on a effective risk management strategy, and provide the elements you require at an affordable cost. Don't take chances with the security of local government assets and employees – talk to Prosek Security today.