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August 30, 2017
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December 14, 2017
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Sprung Festival waved success with Prosek Security

Australia’s Favourite Hip Hop Festival returned in 2017. With Parkwood Tavern playing host to Sprung Festival showcasing some of Australias favourite hip hop artists. It was the first Sprung festival since 2013. The event was a great success with Prosek Security providing the security personnel for the event and helped shape Sprung Festival 2017 to become a promising and peaceful night.

Held on the 28th of October 2017, Sprung Festival was headlined by one of Australia’s favourite hip hop artists Illy and supported by many more established and up and coming performers. With a big crowd of over a 1500 people, incidents were minimized due to the success of our team of proactive security guards and pre-event planning which included an event management plan that covered a broad range of topics from the overall security plan of the event to traffic management and fire safety.


There were 2 stages setup for the event with the main stage outside in the carpark which had been transformed into the festival compound and a 2nd smaller stage setup inside the tavern itself for a more intimate performance allowing the crowd to be closer to the performers. It was a tricky assignment for our team dealing with the logistics of multiple performing areas and the sheer size of the event but all handled it with aplomb.

Overall the patrons of the event were well behaved and diligently complied to given rules and protocols and enjoyed many great performances from the artists on show.

Prosek Security is dedicated to provide the best crowd management solutions even to large-scale events that requires significant resources and organisation.

Moreover, crowd management services include; risk assessment, maintenance of the venue’s safety and security, securing the guests and staff, monitor security systems and surveillance cameras, patrol common areas, key control measures.


Prosek’s mission is to protect the name, brand and integrity of each client by offering a world-class security service that maintains the safety of staff, patrons and property.

Secure your brand, your company or your upcoming event with Prosek Security, a leading security provider in Australia, protecting and securing events and venues for the last 15 Years.