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Ensuring a successful event with crowd management

Crowd management is an essential part of hosting an event.

Crowd management is an essential part of hosting an event.

People in Australia love a large event, and there's little argument that our favourable climate provides plenty of opportunities for crowds to gather and have fun. With major sporting fixtures throughout the calendar year, music and culture festivals and many large conferences, we're blessed with a huge variety of events to enjoy.

With any large gathering of people, however, the potential for security issues is always a significant concern. Having trained and experienced security personnel on site to monitor the crowd and facilities is essential, to protect not only people attending the event, but also the assets and facilities of the organisers.

With any large gathering of people, the potential for security issues is always a concern.

Prosek Security's crowd management officers are capable of providing the security you need for your next event. Here's a breakdown of the most important elements of crowd management.

Planning for crowd management services

Before settling on a plan of action to manage security concerns at your event, a careful assessment of the location must be carried out by trained experts. Understanding where the greatest risks will present themselves – be they poorly lit areas where passing patrons may be at risk or sites where expensive equipment will be located – will help to inform your strategy on the day.

Similarly, gathering an understanding of the precise security presence you need should also be done ahead of time. At outdoor events covering a large area, having a number of security guards patrolling may be required, while in relatively contained locations you may require just a handful of personnel to monitor security from a fixed point.

Whatever your requirements, it's important to ensure you have the resources organised ahead of time. The impact of a serious incident may be more costly than organising adequate security in advance, and not just financially.

Crowd management on the day

Keeping order throughout the event is one of the key priorities of organisers, and it's important to remember that it takes just a few disruptive individuals to cause problems. Queensland Police define an out-of-control event as "a gathering of at least 12 people, with at least three engaging in out-of-control conduct."

Obviously it's incredibly difficult to keep tabs on every single person attending a large event, but an effective preventative measure is screening attendees at entry points. Most major sporting fixtures, for example, have bag checks upon entry to ensure no restricted substances such as alcohol find their way into the location, and trained, professional security officers can conduct these efficiently and effectively.

It takes just a few disruptive individuals to cause security problems.

Speaking of alcohol, many events are licensed to sell beer and wine which can lead to additional concerns. Monitoring the crowd, particularly as the day progresses and some people become intoxicated, can be increasingly challenging. Again, experienced security guards know how to watch out for and deal with unruly patrons.

Crowd Management with Prosek Security

By engaging the services of Prosek Security, your organisation gains access to over 200 well-trained security officers experienced in crowd management. Offering expert advice from the initial comprehensive risk assessment right through monitoring and patrolling on the day and its aftermath.

Regardless of the size of the event, Prosek can work with organisers to ensure that all attendees are well cared for, dealing with issues as they emerge and protecting facilities and equipment from damage. It's a job that requires the training and expertise that only professional security officers can provide, so be sure to speak to us today and make your next event one that will be memorable for all the right reasons.