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8 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making with Your Event Security


Planning and managing a big event can be very tedious. There are a lot of details to cover over a limited time with limited resources. One of which is the security of all participants during the event.

How effective do you think your events security will be during your event? How can you make sure that things will go smoothly? What things are you missing?


Below is a list of common mistakes with event security that many organizers have done. One good way of making sure everything is in place is by knowing what things to avoid. So, take notes and hopefully, you won’t repeat these mistakes ever again.


Not Setting Safety and Security Objectives

Security measures shouldn’t be implemented just for the sake of saying you have a security protocol in place. You should be clear what you need your security for. What specific threats should your security officers be alert of? What outcome are you hoping to achieve? Without knowing these details, you may not be able to delineate responsibilities from the time you’re planning the event until it finishes.


Failing to Conduct a Risk Assessment

Not doing a risk assessment is like traveling to an unknown destination without a map. You can learn so much about the potential security issues your event might face by conducting a thorough risk assessment. You can research the common security threats that similar events encounter. What incidents have been reported at your chosen event location? If you don’t understand the risks your event is exposed to, you won’t be able to anticipate them and tweak your security protocols in efforts to address them.


Neglecting to Monitor the Security Situation During the Event

There are times when no matter how well-prepared you think you are, some things will not go according to plan. Constantly monitoring the security situation during your event will let you know whether your security plan works or if you need to adjust your tactics to address unforeseen issues.


Working with Incompetent Security Contractors

Because of budget constraints, some event organizers skimp on their security force and hire the cheapest ones they can find. Not all security officers are trained and qualified for crowd management. They need to have a good understanding of all potential threats and relevant experience in managing crowds effectively. Just imagine how serious the repercussions can be if the people you count on to keep you safe aren’t equipped to do so.


Assuming That Only Security Contractors Are Involved in Maintaining Security

All parties responsible for planning and managing the event should be properly oriented about the security plan and the security protocols in place. They should all know where the emergency exits are, who to contact for security concerns, and how to quickly respond when no security officer is available. There should be open communication lines among all the people involved before, during, and after the event. This way, they can all be updated on what’s happening and be alerted if there’s a security situation they need to handle.


Not Testing Out Your Security Plan

While you can’t absolutely know if your security plan is effective unless you apply it at the actual event, there are ways to test whether the people assigned to deliver some tasks are capable of doing them or not. You can also test the time required to respond to certain situations, the functionality of the security equipment and tools you have in place, among others. Findings during the trial run should be documented and analysed to know whether you need to update your plan. Your team will be more confident in facing security situations when they’ve run through possible scenarios beforehand.


Not Debriefing Your Team After the Event

Some organizers part ways after the event concludes without processing what went well and what things need improvement. They miss the opportunity to discuss whether emergency situations were dealt with accordingly, how effective the security plan was, and how the learning from all the achievements and mistakes can be used to improve on the next events.


Not Including Your Security Provider in Your Meetings

A representative from your security contractor should be involved as early as the planning phase. Your security officers need to know about the schedule to be followed, logistics, and the people in the organizing team that they’ll give access to certain restricted areas. When they have a good understanding of how the event will be implemented, they’ll be able to provide valuable inputs to your security plan.



Security is a major consideration during events. One major mishap can lead to unflattering reviews and a high probability that people may consider not joining the next event you organize. Knowing these things that you need to avoid puts you and your team a step ahead in developing an efficient and effective security plan for your event.

Our security officers at Prosek Security are highly trained in crowd management and handling big events. If you have no idea how to create a security plan for your event, our security experts can guide your team during your planning phase to ensure that there are solid security measures in place from the beginning. Get in touch with us and we’ll gladly help your team launch an awesome and safe event.