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Why Concierge Is Key to Your Hotel’s Security

Concierge is often associated with manning the front desk, welcoming guests to the facility, and handling queries about the hotel. Over time, some concierge personnel has taken on roles that are crucial to ensuring the security of guests and the hotel premises. Some businesses had to merge their concierge’s role with that of security officers out of budget considerations. Others simply realized the crucial role that their concierge plays in their overall security and risk management plan.

Here are some reasons why concierge is key to ensuring security in your hotel and why you should consider getting concierge staff with security training.


They are usually the first contact when entering the hotel.

Concierge staff make guests feel welcome and at home as they set foot on the hotel’s premises. They utilise their good communication skills and customer service training in assisting visitors with whatever they need. In order to address queries in person and over the phone, they must be knowledgeable of the hotel’s facilities, services, rates, and room availability.

As they go about their front of desk duties, they are able to spot tell-tale signs of suspicious persons and activities and reports them right away. They also help in educating guests, making sure that hotel rules and security protocols are observed at all times.


They serve as covert security officers.

As part of the hotel staff, they dress in official hotel uniform and represent the hotel in all their actions. Not being in security officer outfit allows them to perform security checks and other tasks without alerting the suspected criminals.


They screen mails and packages delivered to the hotel.

Aside from being the first contact of guests, concierge personnel are also the first contact of couriers and hired contractors. They follow the set operating procedures in receiving packages and mail, keeping a log of the date and time of delivery, and in making sure that they reach their intended recipient on time. Training can be given to concierge personnel so that they will be able to determine and report suspicious packages.


They are in a strategic place to manage emergency situations.

Since guests treat them as their main source of information about anything hotel-related, the concierge personnel are in a perfect position to brief guests about the hotel’s security protocols. If with proper training, they can also provide basic first aid during medical emergencies, respond appropriately to security issues, and assist guests towards the emergency exits during an evacuation.



Your concierge personnel is indispensable in providing assistance to guests and communicating to them the high-quality service you provide. Having concierge that are trained in security management will allow you to identify potential threats early on and address them before they escalate and cause unrest to your guests. It ensures that your hotel’s rules and security protocols are implemented and that your patrons have a great customer experience during their stay.

Good customer service is one of Prosek Security’s priorities. We provide concierge service that can handle security system monitoring, patrolling of common areas, emergency response, internal theft prevention, and other important security functions. Get in touch with us now and we’ll show you how Prosek Security can be your partner in guaranteeing that your guests are secure and well taken care of.