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May 8, 2017
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Meeting people’s needs with concierge and customer service

Concierge services are an important part of high-rise living.

Concierge services are an important part of high-rise living.

Having security personnel at your site isn't just about deterring crime and dealing with potential conflict, it's also a valuable part of service for a variety of situations. Assisting people entering and exiting a facility or controlling access to a restricted site is essential for certain locations, and it's another area where security services can play a part.

From greeting guests and staff upon arrival at a hotel to running site inductions and tours, Prosek Security's concierge and customer service solution helps ensure people get where they need to be without delay, while also keeping unauthorised individuals at bay.

Concierge and customer service officers are in high demand.Concierge and customer service officers are in high demand.

Demand for concierge services on the rise

Demand for concierge services has long been a critical aspect of the hotel and resort industry. However, the satisfaction and convenience that comes with effective, professional customer service is an emerging challenge for urban apartment developers. 

As Australian cities become more densely populated, the popularity of high-rise residential living spaces is increasing. New apartment complexes run the gamut from low-cost housing solutions to high-end luxury suites, and when it comes to the latter the immense prices people pay reflect their desire for a full-service lifestyle.

According to Ben Christie, Head of Apartments for Lendlease's Urban Regeneration, that means personalised experiences from the ground-up.

"Buyers are welcoming the future of apartment living by embracing personalised lobby and concierge services. We are now seeing purchasers demand more from their building's amenities, which they have probably underused in the past," he said.

"Buyers are welcoming the future of apartment living by embracing personalised lobby and concierge services."

However, Christie notes that it's not just high earners who are now embracing concierge services at their homes.

"Current trends show professional working families are seeking more leisure time with their loved ones and are seeing the value in outsourcing jobs to concierge services that are an existing part of their apartment offering."

Concierge and customer service with Prosek

Whether it's ensuring hotel or resort guests have their every need catered to, making life easier and more pleasant for residents of a high-rise apartment building or controlling entry and exit at a government facility, Prosek's concierge and customer service officers are trained to carry out a number of tasks. Greeting guests, assisting with traffic movements and parking, answering phones and patrolling common areas are all part of out service, with discreet guards available at all times.

With a highly professional demeanour, top-notch security response skills and a welcoming attitude, Prosek Security's officers will quickly become part of the overall experience of anyone visiting a facility. On hand whenever required but never an obtrusive presence, we can ensure that site staff, residents and visitors have all their needs met – whatever they may be.