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February 27, 2018
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5 Things That Jeopardize Your Commercial Building’s Security

Protect local government facilities with security officers.

Protect local government facilities with security officers.


How invested are you in keeping your commercial property and your tenants safe and secure? What particular actions do you take to ensure that your building is secure and can survive emergency situations? Sometimes property owners and managers may not be aware that some of their actions or inactions put their establishment at greater risk. It helps to look closely at common mistakes when it comes to building security to know what things to avoid and what extra precautions to take.


Applying a one-size-fits-all approach to security.

One common assumption of some building management is that security procedures that work well in other facilities are guaranteed to work just as well in their own establishment. However, the fact that their facility accommodates different tenants already makes it unique. Therefore, it requires a security plan specific to the risks they face. They do not take time in assessing their current security situation and in collaborating with their security providers in order to come up with a security management plan that addresses their specific security needs.


Management disregards security protocols

Most building management, especially those who hired security “experts” to handle their establishment’s security management, believe that they have no role in their security plan. At times, they even use their position to circumvent certain security procedures like wearing required badges or making security officers skip security checks for their guests. Employees and tenants comply with the rules better if they see that their superiors and building management have high regard for security.


There is no personnel trained in security.

Security management plans, as well as the performance of hired security service providers, need to be evaluated regularly.  When you do not have a staff who understands the systems and procedures that the security company is implementing, you won’t be able to check and ensure that they’re doing their job right. As much as handing off security matters to an external contractor sounds liberating to a certain degree, building management should still be involved in security planning, monitoring the activities of their security service provider, and assessing whether they’re effective in keeping your building safe and secure.


Prioritizing cost efficiency over the quality and performance of security systems

All building owners want to save money where they can. Some owners go for cheap security packages that do not allow them to avail of the security services that address the level of risk they currently face and the vulnerabilities of the facility and its systems. Research thoroughly on the options you have available so you can avail of a package that is the best fit for your budget and current security needs.


There are no security awareness and preparedness training for your staff and tenants

You may have a perfect security and emergency plan in place. But how well will these be implemented if the people in your building have no idea what these plans are and what they should do in times of emergencies? Having staff/tenants who are aware of  the tell-tale signs of security issues and who knows what to do in dangerous situations is key to having a successful security management program.



Security is one of the top priorities when managing a commercial building. The property owners’ and managers’ lack of expertise and knowledge about security may cause them to commit some of these mistakes that make them more vulnerable to certain security risks. Have a consultation session with your security service provider for them to be able to understand your security needs better and for you to learn about how to avoid such mistakes and have greater involvement in the security planning process.


We at Prosek Security can help you identify red flags in your current security management and what actions can be taken to address them. Get in touch with us to avail of a free consultation. We’ll be happy to address whatever concerns or queries you may have.