Our Approach

Customer service staff who can protect and serve, that’s Prosek Security Concierge and Customer Service.

As a leading security company, we realise that no two jobs or venues requirements are the same. To ensure your peace of mind, our experience consultants will perform a thorough site evaluation and assess every aspect of your situation and its security needs. A successful start up is essential to building credibility and confidence for our customers; we commit our time and resources necessary to effectively designing a tailored program to suite your business. Part of our site evaluation is providing you with recommendation when need to your property setup and lay out.

To ensure continuity in security officer service delivery that meets your standards, Prosek develops and maintains well-indexed, site-specific written instructions known as post orders for the officers on duty for each post on your site. Prosek audit your post orders on a regular basis and with our standardised format enables us to easily update the instructions and incorporate special directions. Proper documentation of procedures is just one more way Prosek maintains quality.

Prosek strongly believes that the attention to safety shown by our employees has also made a positive impact on the safety of our customer’s personnel and property.

Our assessment programs include:

  • Thorough review of your facility to determine your specific security needs
  • Performance of your specific security and safety surveys of your site
  • Development of a detailed security officer instruction and training manual
  • Selective officer recruiting and careful screening
  • Classroom orientation and screening
  • On-site training of officers and supervisors Testing and review of officer knowledge
  • These programs are plan tailored to your specific needs.